These completed artworks are all for sale - just hover over an individual image to find out how it was created, how its presented and also how much it costs. If you're interested in any of these original artworks, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Pumpkin and Quince Still Life/oil pastel on paper/A4/framed/£140 Pomegranates in Winter 2022. Oil pastel on paper/A4/unframed/£100 East Side Bridge, Christmas Eve,NYC. 2022.
 Oil pastel on paper/A4/Unframed/£100 Trockenersteig,Zermat.2022.
Oil pastel on paper/A4/unframed/£100. St Peters Church on the London Rd, Brighton./2022/oil pastel on paper/A4 size/
£100 unframed. Big Green Pumpkin with Quinces in a Bowl,2022.
Oil pastel on paper/A4/framed/140.

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