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Saturday 15th January 2022

New paints. I ordered them from iartsupplies in Dundee on Thursday and they are here this morning(Saturday).Many thanks to them and to Royal Mail.

I am looking forward to taking part in The Makers Fair in St George’s Chapel in Kemptown in Brighton on March 5th 2022.

I’ve also been invited to join in an Open House.

Better crack open those paints….

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Sunday 9th January 2022

My Shop is a Open!

After the success of my exhibition at the Fishing Quarter Gallery in Brighton in 2021 I am planning to do fairs and to sell my cards through shops in 2022.

I am also continuing with my online shop. I am selling original works as well. They are framed and are no bigger than A4 in size.

I will be posting recent work on Instagram as usual.

Any enquiries via my website or on Instagram.

Best of luck every body in 2022!

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Thursday 6th January 2022

Happy New Year!!!

We took a chance on a trip to New York. We started with breakfast at the Ritz Diner and finished with the Ball Drop on Time Square. We saw David Byrne at the St James Theatre on Broadway. We saw a ton of art and I ice skated at the Wolman Rink on Boxing Day. We spent time with family and had a massive red snapper on New Year’s Eve. We had Estonian Sausage on Christmas Eve. My Christmas Day Yorkshire Pudding was a triumph.

It was a great start to 2022.

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Monday 26th July 2021
Ready to start
Friends enjoying friend time
Son and neice enjoying family time.
Did I mention I was having an exhibition?
Smiley face left outside the gallery
Lovely sunshine on Monday
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Sunday 25th July 2021
Early morning on Thursday 22nd July.
The venue
Everything set out and ready for the punters
Bit quiet at first....

This is my exhibition on the first morning. It’s been very lively this weekend. I’ve sold a lot of pictures and cards and met lots of new people.

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